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C'mon Fans!: C'mon fans! In the stands! Yell BLUE! BLUE! Make 'em proud! Say it loud! Yell ORANGE! ORANGE! Put it all to together yelll BLUE and ORANGE! BLUE and ORANGE!!!

Cottondale Hornets: Cottondale, Hornets, lets go, lets fight, lets win! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Win, Hornets, Win!!!

We're Strong: We're strong, and proud, the Hornets are the best. We're on our way, stand up and say... CHS! CHS!

Step Aside: Step aside, get ready. We're turning up the heat. We're heading for a victory the Hornets(pause,pause) can't be beat. Yell GO BIG BLUE! GO BIG BLUE!

On Top This Year: Let's Go (pause) Hornets. It's time, to cheer. The C-H-S Hornets, on top (pause, pause) this year!

Chants..... *="running" and x=clap

*Go, go, go Hornets go! (repeat)

*Victory, Hornets all the way! (repeat)

T-H-R double E, shoot x the ball x for three x! (repeat)

T-A-K-E Take the ball, Take the ball and score!

A-T-T-A-C-K! Attack 'em, BIG D!

Move 'em on down, move 'em, move 'em on down!

Defense push 'em back! x CHS attack!

GO! FIGHT! Win, Hornets, Win!

Yell it! Louder now! Go Big Blue!

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