Fundraiser and Pep Rally Ideas!

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Hey! My name is Maria and I just finished my senior year and my high school cheerleading career. I am just writing you with my ideas on fundraisers and pep rallies. One fund raiser that worked for us was a garage sale/bake sale. We also do a car wash every year where we take pledges for every car we wash. The Nickerson Panther Cheerleaders also hold the tradition of organizing the back to school dance-we usually have the dance outside because of the weather and sell soda as well. Two weeks before the senior night football and basketball games we hold a Little Cats Clinic. We have kids from 1st through 6th grade come and we teach them 2 cheers and 1 chant to perform as half-time entertainment. We charge about $7 and the fee includes a shirt--the crowd loves watching the little ones and we make at least $500 each season. In our pep rallies we usually come up with crazy games to play. Once we had a beer drinking contest. We put root beer in baby bottles and had a boy and girl from each grade try it. During the winter season we had the basketball guys give the wrestlers piggy-back rides to the goal and have the wrestlers shoot. We tied a cheerleader to a member of the girls basketball team and had them play a game of two-on-two against another pair. I'm sorry this is so long, but I was trying to remember as much as I could. If you have any questions or want more suggestions, you can reach me at Good luck in all. Happy Cheering!!
A RECIPE FOR A WHOLE LOT A SPIRIT!!!!!!!!! what you will need: kiddie pool a lot of least something for each cheerleader that will come out of your clothes. First all of the cheerleaders walk out onto the gym floor and are saying stuff like, "Man I wish we would'nt have ran out of spirit" all the other cheerleaders agree and you guys act like you are thinking of something else. One cheerleader jumps up and down and says I've got it I've got it. You all bunch around her and get in a small circle and discuss it. She tells you that your are going to make some spirit. She tells each of you to go get something for the recipie(it could be anything like peaches or something like that) Each of you go dump your can of peaches or what ever you decide in the kiddie pool and you take of you shoes jump in and mix it up with your feet. After about 15 sec. 1 of the cheerleaders yell, "I think we have enuf spirit what do you think, and you point at the crowd. You all jump out of the little pool of spirit and start yelling a crowd chat we used, ( *=all of you say it /=1 person says it) /PUMP PUMP PUMP IT UP *PUMP PUMP PUMP IT UP /PUMP THAT WARRIOR SPIRIT UP *PUMP THAT WARRIOR SPIRIT UP /KEEP KEEP KEEP IT UP *KEEP KEEP KEEP IT UP /KEEP THAT WARRIOR SPIRIT UP *KEEP THAT WARRIOR SPIRIT UP P.S. E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK,


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