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Tips For Jumps...

**Important: Always stretch before you begin jumping** Always begin your jumps with a prep. There are a few different kinds of preps you can do, but the basic one is to start with your arms in a high V and as you jump, bring them down and cross them in front of you and then bring them back up as you execute your jump. (notice the girl doing the toetouch on your left) When you're jumping, focus on a high point. It will make your jumps higher. Always point your toes and no matter how high off the ground you get, execute your jump as if you were 10 feet in the air. It don't matter how high you get, as long as it looks good. The key to making your jumps better is to PRACTICE!

Tips For Tryouts....

When you tryout, you need to wear your school colors. If it's not required, then you need to wear a color that looks good on you. Smile your heart out, even if you mess up, keep smiling and they probably won't even know you messed up! Cheer and yell as loud as you can and show as much spirit as possible. A good motto to have is if you feel like you look're doing it right. Always keep your head up and smile at the judges.

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